Art Statement

I have unrelentingly soul searched at the face of Art and humbly have come to the acceptance that Art has chosen me. It has made me an instrument to inspire others through the symbolism of life in colors.

By partaking in the creation of a masterpiece, it has given me asimilitude to the creator, symbiotically understanding that not all art is created equal.

When she comes, she frees the soul and mind from our own scrupulous innuendos. She is very elusive and persuasive, but in a simple gaze, she sparks the beauty within.

Art does not utter to destroy, it only brings a notion of expression in a moment of conception. For Art comes to life by the way we feel today, through the interpretation of tomorrow.

Art Biography

J Scheinberg is an American Artist born in the mid-70's and was raised in Chicago, Illinios. His works are predominately in the medium of painting oils and acrylics, incorporating a diversity of styles including realism, post-modernism, abstraction, and a pastiche of exuberance.

J Scheinberg's fine art has been attained by many private and public collectors. His exclusive and acclaimed work has been celebrated and admired by many world wide - through galleries, museums, documentaries and news media outlets. He captivates the audiences and continues to amass popularity.

Art Gallery

Artist J Scheinberg unveils his fine art series, Harmony and Color.
The series is comprised of six paintings, acrylic on canvas, 24"x30" (unframed).

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